Manufacturing service

We are so excited to introduce you to the our manufacturing dossier! 

For years we have been accompanying designers in the process of developing their collections under a textile production model that respects the Environment and also takes into account ethical production practices. 

Thanks to the experience we have acquired, we have been modeling the service to adjust it to the needs that arise for brands when undertaking a project of this nature. As a result, we are proud to present you our new, completely renewed manufacturing dossier. 

In it, beyond the tailoring service itself, you will find support in aspects parallel to production such as financial advice, help in defining the collection, assistance in defining the specific branding of your brand, technical support in the creation of personalized prints, ... Always hand in hand with the best consultants specializing in each matter.

You can download the full dossier in Spanish  here and in English here

Below we list one by one the additional services that we offer you for the development of your brand: 

 PACK 1 - Have you analyzed your proposal from a financial point of view? 

We want to highlight the Financial Plan. Thanks to this pack we will define the necessary strategies to achieve the economic purposes of your textile business, efficiently taking advantage of available resources and generating positive results. 

Thanks to our financial consultant Ivan Valderrama we will be able to identify the current and future financial needs that your project has. 

PACK 3 - Do you need help with the design of custom prints? 

Here we focus our attention on the Textile Collection Plan. The objective of this pack is to make a complete revision to the collection planned for the brand. Analysis includes finding trends and materials. It also emphasizes the quantities of production and the sale prices of the same. From the hand of the fashion consultant Cristina Gispert we will discover if your collection is balanced. 

PACK 3 - Do you need help with the design of custom prints? 

Sometimes we are very clear about what we want, but not knowing the technique to carry it out slows us down. For this we put at your disposal the services of Custom Print Design from Sunsmith Studio. Júlia Ferrer, textile graphic designer at the head of the team, will create custom designs to make your collection unique and personal.

If you are looking for inspiration, they have a wide portfolio of designs already developed waiting for you. By the way, if you want assistance in branding your company, they will help you.

PACK 4 - Do you think your brand transmits the image that you create? 

The objective of our fourth pack, Brand Image Plan is to make a complete review of your brand image. The analysis includes the global concept of your image but also the different expressions according to each communication medium. 

Cristina Gispert, our fashion consultant, will give you tools to create an attractive and coherent brand image. 

PACK 5 -  PACK 5 - Having a good product is fine but we also have to know how to communicate it. 

Our sustainable communication consultant Sonia Flotats, at the head of the SOGOOD team, will work on the storytelling of your project and will help you find the best strategy to reach your stakeholders. Her task will not only consist of creating brand communication, but she will also share the knowledge with you so that you are the one who will captains the storytelling of your brand in the future.

 PACK 6 - We already have the collection ready. And now that? 

Have you thought about how and where you want to sell your collection? From the analysis of the point of sale and the visual merchandising, the following pack was born.

Cristina Gispert, our fashion consultant, will analyze your online and offline distribution strategy and, if you have a physical store, will also focus on visual merchandising and shop windows.

PACK 7 - What does your project contribute in terms of Ecodieño to the textile offer? 

From the hand of Gema Gomez, executive director of the Slow Fashion Next platform, we will analyze the Value Proposition for your target client and once we are clear on this point we will look for all the Ecodesign strategies that may be applicable to improve it under Circular Economy criteria, from the origin of the raw material until the end of life of the final product.